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​Transfer of knowledge

Success Stories 6 Dec 2017

Stemming from Enga, in Papua New Guinea, Summer Intern Margaret Mase has seen plenty in her 30 years. Margaret, who has a nursing degree which she gained in PNG, decided to extend her knowledge, so she could contribute more to her home country, she says.

Receiving a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) New Zealand Pacific Scholarship has enabled her to do this, and Margaret is currently completing her Bachelor of Health Science (Health Promotion) at AUT with one year of study remaining.

The ambitious and motivated student has also been selected as part of the Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) Summer Internship initiative, which got underway in November.

With her background in nursing and desire to work in health promotion, Margaret has been placed with the Pacific Team at Auckland District Health Board/Waitemata District Health Board (ADHB/WDHB), under the guidance of Pulotu Bruce Levi and Abel Smith.

Hungry to learn all she can during the 10-week internship, Margaret says being part of the initiative is a blessing.

“I believe the Summer Internship programme is about making connections and I hope to make as many contacts as I can at ADHB/WDHB and the Ministry of Health,” Margaret says.

“I have come from a developing country and my aim is to learn as much as I can about promotion programmes here to implement in PNG.”

After completing her degree, Margaret will return to PNG, as NZ Pacific Scholars are bonded to their home country for two years.

Back home, Margaret has aspirations of trying to lessen the gap between clinical nursing and preventative health.

“I don’t think I will be able to solve every problem but I am looking forward to reaching out to schools and local communities and implementing health promotions … education and awareness are essential,” Margaret adds.

The motivated young advocate for healthy Papua New Guineans says she is excited about the journey she is on, and cannot wait to absorb and learn as much information, and make as many contacts as she can.

Securing a 2017-2018 Summer Internship is a definite advantage, she adds.

Next year, Margaret is required to secure an internship for her degree and she adds it can be really difficult for students to gain internships by themselves.

“The Summer Internship and connections made during it will surely help towards finding next year’s placement … we live in a world where it is who you know that can really help you out.”

Visit PCF for more information about Summer Internships.

(Picture caption: L-R Summer Intern Margaret Mase with AUT International Scholarship Officer Margaret Leniston.)