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​Cooperation sees Resilient Pacific Programme established

News 30 Nov 2017

Cooperation and foresight has seen senior leaders from the Pacific Community (SPC) and Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) agree to develop a joint Resilient Pacific Programme.

The agreement was made at a day-long joint strategic planning discussion in Fiji’s capital Suva, and the high level meeting between the CROP agencies builds on the Memorandum of Understanding, signed at SPC Headquarters in Noumea in July 2017.

It is an example of the excellent partnership and cooperation that SPC and SPREP have committed to maintain and strengthen.

Topics discussed during the meeting include a review of each organisation's comparative advantages and possible synergies between the strategic goals of SPC and SPREP; the German funded NDC Hub, which SPC and SPREP will co-lead; the nexus between climate change, oceans and agriculture and; the outcomes of COP23.

The Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific, implementation of upcoming 11th European Development Fund regional programmes for African, Carribean and Pacific (ACP) countries and Pitcairn Islands Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs), and Pacific regionalism were also on the agenda and a key outcome is the decision to jointly develop a multi-year Resilient Pacific Programme.

This multi-disciplinary programme will span across the breadth of SPC and SPREP activities.

It will provide support for the development objectives of both organisations’ members.

The Resilient Pacific Programme will engage the expertise and resources within SPC and SPREP to compliment the work programmes, commitments and objectives of Pacific Island Counties and Territories.

Where relevant, the programme will also assist in mobilising additional resources for new and innovative resilience focused programmes.

This landmark initiative is set to run through 2025 and will be a key regional platform for resilience planning, coordination and implementation.

The Leadership teams have also agreed to jointly map SPC and SPREP's activities in the climate change space, to better identify gaps in member priorities and needs, ensuring support to members is being done efficiently and effectively.

The High Level SPC - SPREP Meeting will be an annual event, allowing for a review of ongoing projects and providing further opportunities to discuss and develop ways to increase the impact of both organisations’ work.

Visit SPC and SPREP for more information on the organisations’ work in the region.

(Picture caption: Senior leadership teams from SPC and SPREP have agreed to develop a joint Resilient Pacific Programme during a day-long joint strategic planning discussion held in Suva, Fiji.)