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​Summer Intern dreams big

Success Stories 21 Nov 2017

Not afraid to dream big, Summer Intern Lulu Numiman has ambitions to become the “best” Chief Finance Officer (CFO) in Papua New Guinea and she is prepared to do whatever it takes to reach this goal.

Selected to take part in the Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) facilitated Summer Internship initiative earlier this year, Lulu has joined the team at PCF to complete her 10-weeks of professional workplace development and experience.

The 34-year-old New Zealand Pacific Scholarship recipient is currently in her second year of studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance), at Lincoln University.

Having already completed a Diploma certificate in Commerce and working for five years as an accountant in PNG, Lulu says the next step towards reaching her goal is to gain her degree.

“A commerce degree is essential to executing the roles of a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) effectively and to achieve my dream,” Lulu adds.

Her time interning at PCF will also go towards her ultimate career choice, she adds.

I aim to obtain invaluable international work experience relating to my field of study and I believe through this opportunity, I can learn and acquire certain skills and knowledge I do not have and may not have access to in my country.

“Also, I want to gain international exposure to the different dynamic of finance … I believe PCF will give me access to other opportunities that may not be visible right now, for example, PCF will allow me to interact with people of various educational background and ethnicity and fields outside of finance.”

Leadership skills will be strengthened, while Lulu will also be able to build her network and ideally, secure a mentor in finance as well, she says.

“Finally I aim to add value to PCF by being competent and display high level of professional work conduct and ethic to achieve the objectives of designation I am assigned to.”

Challenges are part and parcel with journeys that stretch and grow you such as the Summer Internship initiative, but like most things in life, Lulu approaches any issue with logic and practicality.

First I identify what the challenge/problem is and brain storm possible solutions and I always ask questions and think through process and steps to take to resolve it.

“Once it’s clear, I tackle the problem/challenge systematically using the solutions developed.”

If those solutions do not work, Lulu then seeks advice and consults her superiors on how to solve the issue.

Studying and acquiring knowledge in NZ has been the best choice Lulu has made as she works towards her dream, she says.

“New Zealand is a developed country and is one of most wealthiest and sustainable country in the world, and it has the best SME practice in the world which my country can learn and adopt to create wealth and business opportunity.

“Lincoln University is a great university … and coming from an agriculturally-driven nation, I can apply the knowledge and skills I attain to create positive change in my community.”

Like many of her fellow NZ Pacific Scholars, Lulu struggles to cope with the NZ climate and food.

“It’s almost always cold here in Lincoln University - I am not used to winter and cold climates and I’ve had to adapt to it which is difficult sometimes…the food doesn’t taste like food from home and I long for it sometimes.”

But she does not dwell on the negatives for long, and stays busy during the university year – taking part in church activities, reading, self-learning, goal setting/planning, and listening to music.

Following university, Lulu aspires to enter a role as CFA.

“I aim to be the best in the game and one of the steps to getting there is for me is to take up a Master’s Program in the USA.


She would also like to try and increase community wealth by upskilling entrepreneurs and business leaders to manage their wealth and create opportunity for others.

“At this point in time, my country is experiencing economic growth and household income is increasing.

“One of the long term sustainable growth stability strategies is to have our local people to understand how money works, how to invest and create wealth and increase wealth so future generations can benefit in future.”

Visit PCF for more information on the Summer Internship initiative.

(Picture caption: Summer Intern Lulu Numiman with PCF CEO Craig Strong.)