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​Challenges provide a chance to grow

Success Stories 18 Nov 2017

People are confronted with challenges from time to time, but if tackled head-on with a positive mindset, Summer Intern Sina Ah Sam believes obstacles can become opportunities.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) New Zealand Pacific Scholarship recipient Sina joins the Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) team on November 20 for 10-weeks following her selection for the 2017-2018 Summer Internship initiative, which PCF also facilitates.

The 21-year-old from Samoa is currently in her third and final year at Wellington’s Victoria University completing a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law) and she is eagerly awaiting graduation in December.

Sina has taken full advantage of everything Wellington and NZ has to offer during her scholarship, with the positives of studying in Aotearoa outweighing the only negative of missing home and her family.

She is heading into the Summer Internship with a long list of accomplishments she hopes to achieve during her time with PCF, where her professional skills will be honed and her network widened.

“I applied for the Summer-Internship to gain invaluable work experience to prepare me for the workforce I will enter upon returning home to Samoa at the completion of my degree and scholarship,” Sina says.

Transitioning from being a student to employee requires communication and presentation skills as well as time management, and Sina will work on these attributes while interning at PCF.

Remaining open-minded is crucial for interns, Sina continues, along with being a good listener and a great follower.

“You need to follow before you can lead - and from there it moulds leadership skills.”

Sina is also looking forward to applying the knowledge she has acquired during her degree at PCF, hungry for advice from the team which will help her continue on the career path she is heading towards.

“It is a huge privilege and blessing to be given an internship as there are so many benefits that come with this opportunity.”

Sina is realistic however, and anticipates challenges during the internship, but these hurdles are just another opportunity to learn, she says.

"I believe there is value in every challenge, so overcoming them only adds to your growth, through learning from them and persevering."

Returning home to enter the workforce is not an easy transition but with everything she aims to gain from this internship, Sina says she is confident and comfortable about going back to Samoa.

The ambitious young woman intends to return home to serve her people and contribute to her country’s development, and she would also like to return to Wellington to undertake post-graduate studies at some stage.

“Long term, I want to serve my country as a Member of Parliament and work for the Government of Samoa as a Cabinet Minister one day ... with God all things are possible."

Visit PCF for more information on its Summer Internship initiative.