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​Past Summer Intern shares success tips

Success Stories 10 Nov 2017

Despite two years having passed since Joy Seseve’s Summer Internship at The Southern Initiative (TSI), it feels like only yesterday since her time there.

The Massey University (Palmerston North) student from Papua New Guinea was part of the inaugural cohort to participate in the 2015-2016 Summer Internship initiative, facilitated by Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT).

After completing a Bachelor of Resource and Environmental Planning (Honours), Joy has secured a role with Milne Bay Provincial Government as Secretary to the Governor of the Province (Hon. Sir John Luke Crittin), handling correspondence and providing support and advice to the Governor.

Based in her hometown of Alotau, where the administrative headquarters are located, Joy began the role following the PNG National Elections earlier in 2017.

Along with her daily duties, Joy is also engaged with a committee in charge of the formulation of a new Urban Development Plan for the town.

“The Governor is the Chairman for Lands and Physical Planning, so with his permission and consent I have been included on that committee.”

She says the Summer Internship has helped her achieve her dream of working in PNG and giving back to the society in which she was raised.

“It is a pleasure working here because I get to serve my whole province, not just the town I grew up in,” Joy says.

“I like to think that I contribute to ensuring service delivery goes out to the remotest villages and islands in the province in whatever little I do here.”

The 10 weeks she spent at TSI has provided her with confidence, while enhancing her soft skills as well as exposing her to positive office etiquette realities.

“These come in handy where I currently work and made the transition from full-time student to full-time employee so easy,” she adds.

An extensive and growing contact list and exposure to different work settings are also a result of her relatively short time with TSI.

“Even though it has been two years now, lessons learned have grown roots and it feels like only yesterday.”

During her final year at Massey University last year, Joy took the time to visit TSI in Auckland to see how far the projects she had helped with one year earlier had progressed, as well as to express gratitude to the team to which she had connected with.

“It was a special time … I wanted to say thank-you, goodbye, and make sure I got contacts for networking.”

Having experienced the Summer Internship, and reaped rewards from the initiative, Joy offers the following advice to this year’s 23 interns who begin their 10-week internships at organisations in NZ and within the region, on November 20:

- Forget what you know and be open to learn.

- Be proactive but also remember to be humble; someone always knows something you don’t.

- Empty yourself of what you think you know, and you will always walk away full.

- Always ask questions when you’re not sure about something, and make the most of your time there.

- Be kind, smile, have fun and when times are tough and when you feel like you want to quit, remember that other NZ Scholars wish they had the opportunity you have.

(Photo caption: Joy Seseve with Governor for Oro Province Hon. Gary Juffa at the Southern Region Governor's Conference in Alotau.)