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​PTI support Summer Internship initiative

News 15 Oct 2017

As an economic development agency, Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) proudly supports Pacific Cooperation Foundation’s (PCF) Summer Internship initiative, and the young Pacific leaders to emerge from it.

For the third consecutive year, PTI has put its hand up to be a host agency for the 10-week Summer Internship initiative, where selected New Zealand Scholarship students are placed in organisations around the country and within the region to learn professional workplace skills.

This makes their return home following the completion of their tertiary qualifications less daunting when it comes to finding employment.

Kicking off on November 20, Pacific Trade Invest will host two of the 23 interns, who will be part of the team until February 16, 2018.

Pacific Trade Invest (NZ) Trade Development Manager Joe Fuavao says the organisation is a strong advocate of the programme, which benefits both PTI and selected scholars.

“The interns bring enthusiasm and skills that add value to our organisation,” Joe says.

“Pacific Trade Invest interns have been of high calibre, making positive contributions to our work including research for exporters and the delivery of a Path to Market Trade Mission in 2017.”

Joe adds the organisation has had positive experiences with interns and many have stayed in contact with PTI, playing a role in programme delivery in the Pacific and connecting it to businesses seeking our services.

In turn, the economic development agency for 16 Pacific countries, focused on trade and investment facilitation, provides its interns with opportunities to gain rich insights and connect with businesses across the region.

Pacific Trade Invest has a dynamic team of seven, led by Trade Commissioner Mike Greenslade and it maintains good connections with government, economic development agencies and businesses in the Pacific Islands, Joe says.

“It is these insights and connections the interns develop during this internship which may result in future employment opportunities in their Pacific Island home countries, after their studies,” he adds.

“This year, the interns will mainly work in the area of trade facilitation where they help the team to build the client database of the Path to Market programme and assist in the programme planning for 2018.”

They will be exposed to other areas of the business (investment and communications), providing them with a rich experience.

“We would like to acknowledge and thank PCF and the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) for this programme,” Joe says.

Visit PACIFIC TRADE INVEST for more information on PTI and visit PCF for more information about its Summer Internship initiative.

(Picture caption: Summer Intern 2016-2017 Genevieve Mautu with PTI’s Joe Fuavao at last year’s Orientation Evening.)