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NZIPR ​private sector seminar

News 6 Oct 2017

The New Zealand Institute for Pacific Research (NZIPR) invites you to attend a seminar on private sector investment in the Pacific on Thursday, at Auckland University of Technology.

Despite the importance of investment to Pacific Island Countries (PICs), relatively little is known about the challenges that face both foreign and domestic investors and how these groups may be enabled to meet their goals while also helping to achieve key national sustainable development goals.

We also have a relatively limited understanding of the impacts associated with investment in PICs.

Professor Simon Milne and his team will present recent research conducted by the NZ Tourism Research Institute at AUT to examine the drivers of, and barriers to, private sector investment (both foreign and local).

In addition, the research seeks to understand the benefits and costs associated with different forms of private sector investment - ranging from large scale foreign through to small scale local/Pasifika and ex(re)patriate.

The seminar will conclude with recommendations to enhance the growth/development impact of investment (both foreign and local).

If you are unable to attend, please note that we will be recording the presentation, the online link will be sent to those that indicate they cannot attend.

There will also be the chance for you to submit any observations or questions you might have about the research findings.

NZIPR seminar on private sector investment in the Pacific

Date: Thursday, 12 October

Time: 12.15 to 2 pm

Venue: Auckland University of Technology (AUT), 55 Wellesley Street Campus, Auckland. Room: WG801 see MAP

RSVP: and please state whether you will attend in person or via the online link.