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​Pacific Wave Samoa - the power of technology

News 2 Sep 2017

Passionate about the power of technology and what it can bring to developing nations, Xero Country Manager for New Zealand Craig Hudson, will transmit that enthusiasm into Friday’s (September 8) Pacific Wave Samoa, at Apia’s Sheraton Aggie Greys Hotel.

Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) in collaboration with NZ's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), supported by the Government of Samoa and the Samoa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is hosting the one-day Pacific Wave forum – the first one to be staged in the region.

With a focus on how prosperous futures can be achieved for the region’s communities through the use of technology, the ultimate goal of the Pacific Wave is to unleash technology to enable new capabilities, skills, careers, and lifestyles within the Pacific to drive prosperity for the livelihoods and wellbeing of people.

Craig will take the stage at the forum – a side event to the 48th Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Leaders Meeting - to present on business growth and management through technological enablers.

He will draw on his wealth of experience working for Xero, a NZ-based software company that develops cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Country Manager says there is real opportunity for Pacific countries to skip a generation of technology adoption and go straight to mobile connectivity.

“Doing that opens up new markets in the rest of the world, and provides real opportunities for innovation and connectivity through global platforms,” Craig says.

“The Pacific Wave is a great opportunity for us to get together and discuss what’s happening throughout the world, and how the Pacific can make the most of their new connectivity.”

Craig’s main message for the forum audience is to remember the world is flat.

He says technology is continuously changing the way businesses operate day-to-day, which has a great impact on a country’s GDP growth.

“We’re in the golden age of business right now where the tyranny of distance is no longer relevant, and a small business’ profitability and growth and really proposer from today’s technological innovations.”

Craig believes there are many ways in which technology can assist the Pacific once nations fully embrace it.

“Where I see huge benefit in the use of technology for business is in how much easier it is to make better financial decisions, thanks to real-time accessibility to data online,” he says.

“Stifled cash flow can really hurt a small business, but online connectedness makes it so much easier for a business to study, analyse, and understand their data, to help them make decisions to keep them afloat.”

He says the accounting industry in particular is hugely changed because of this - small business accounting software like Xero allows businesses and their and advisors to be connected anytime, anywhere, and anyplace - rather than what happened in the yesteryear of accounting, where businesses got an update on how they’re doing six months to a year later.

Because technology shifts and changes and moves quickly, just having a conversation is not enough anymore, and Craig would like to see real actions and goals set for the region, as outcomes from the Pacific Wave Samoa.

Ideally, an idea or a vision from this event for what technology and digital connectivity will look like for the region in 2020 will be established, he says.

“It is an honour for Xero to be part of this exciting time for the Pacific – there are huge opportunities becoming available now for local businesses, and I can’t wait to see them thriving and growing in new markets.”

See the Pacific Wave flyer HERE and programme HERE.

Craig Hudson bio:

As Country Manager for New Zealand, Craig is a key member of the global leadership team, responsible for driving relationships with government, financial institutions, enterprise, and promoting the small business economy.

Craig has been with Xero for several years, and returns to New Zealand from the United Kingdom, where he led Xero's entrance into Europe, the Middle East and African markets.

Craig is a father of four and a successful former rugby player who spent more than eight years playing professionally in New Zealand, France, England, and Wales.

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