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Scholars empowered ahead of Summer Internship

News 25 Aug 2017

New Zealand Scholars selected for the Summer Internship initiative left Thursday’s Orientation Evening feeling empowered. Hosted by Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF), and staged at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (MFAT) Auckland office, the evening was an opportunity for the 2017-18 Summer Interns to meet representatives from their respective host agencies.

Interns have been matched to various organisations around the country, and in the region, depending on the qualification they are studying/completing, and they will intern at that organisation for 10-weeks, starting on November 20.

Twenty-one of the 24 scholars attended the event, along with host agency representatives from Pacific Trade and Invest, Auckland Council, MFAT and also International Student Officers from AUT.

Programme Development Manager for PCF Leaupepe Taala Ralph Elika spoke at the Orientation Evening, willing the current cohort of interns to use the event to connect with their host agencies they will be interning with for 10-weeks, starting in November.

“It is a great opportunity for the interns to dispel some of the nerves, to connect and to create a rapport with staff from the organisation they will be interning with,” Ralph says.

“Thank-you to each and every one of the host agencies for their tremendous support of this initiative, which is now in its third cycle.”

Without the support of the host agencies, this internship would not be possible.

New Zealand Scholars would miss out on this incredible chance to gain invaluable professional experience before returning to their home country to enter the workforce, and contribute to society, he adds.

Ralph also announced that this year, interns would be gifted an additional $1000 from MFAT to buy clothes for the workplace ahead of their placement.

Following the formalities, scholars heeded Ralph’s advice and enjoyed networking and connecting with the various host agencies present and sourcing information about their upcoming placements, and at the same time, they got to meet their fellow interns.

Ralph also spent time chatting to each of the scholars before they left, feeling empowered, and ready to dedicate 10-weeks of hard work to their respective internship.

Summer Internships start on November 20 and conclude on February 16, 2018.

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