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Pacific Wave Samoa – Iwi Economy and the value of collaboration

News 18 Aug 2017

Collaboration and learning from people’s past mistakes as well as their positive experiences is invaluable tool for businesses.

At next month’s Pacific Wave Samoa – 2017, Chief Executive Officer for New Zealand's Māori Fisheries Corporation - Te Ohu Kaimoana Dion Tuuta will stress the importance and value of collaboration.

Dion will join Ngati Whatua CEO Rangimarie Hunia and Director of Three Little Birds Wiwini Hakaraia as part of an interactive panel discussion on Friday, September 8 at the forum, hosted by Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) in collaboration with NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and with the support of the Samoan Government and Samoa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Together, the trio will explore an iwi perspective of innovative technology in front of a far-reaching audience of stakeholders with an interest in the Pacific.

Dion agreed to be a part of the first Pacific Wave to be staged in the region because it is important for Maori to connect with Pacific whanaunga to understand what can be learnt from their experiences of fishing and marine management, he says.

“Many iwi do not understand what opportunities exist in the Pacific and this is another reason why I wanted to attend,” Dion adds.

During the panel discussion, Dion hopes to provide people with a greater understanding of the value of collaboration to achieve success, and the vital part technology and innovation will play within the Pacific’s major industry – fisheries.

“Technology and innovation will be key to improving value generated from fishing and the total volume of New Zealand’s fishing is managed through a quota system so growth can only come through creating more value from every fish caught,” he adds.

Held during the same week as the 48th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting, the free forum is aiming to attract regional leaders and representatives, as well as entrepreneurs from all around the Pacific.

The ultimate goal of the Pacific Wave is to unleash technology to enable new capabilities, skills, careers, and lifestyles within the Pacific to drive prosperity for the livelihoods and wellbeing of people.

See the full programme HERE.

Visit Te Ohu Kaimoana for more information.