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​Pacific Wave Samoa – a youth perspective

News 18 Aug 2017

At 22 years old, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Crimson Education Jamie Beaton is in touch with the youth of today, their aspirations and vision of what is possible in our fast-changing world.

Jamie co-founded personalised education and mentoring company Crimson Education with Sharndre Kushor in 2013 to help other students break down information barriers so they can seize the best education and career opportunities, irrespective of their location or financial standing.

On Friday, September 8, Jamie will speak at the Pacific Wave – Samoa 2017 following an inspirational presentation at last year’s Pacific Wave – Prosperous Futures through Technology, in Auckland.

The CEO will speak about youth entrepreneurship and building global connectivity, to an audience featuring businesspeople, youth and government officials from the region, as well as representatives from business councils, chambers of commerce, and individuals with an interest in the Pacific, who want to discuss ideas and concepts that can be progressed to generate real economic growth opportunities.

He hopes attendees will gain an even greater sense of how those willing can empower young people to make a positive global impact through today's increasingly connected global community, enabled by intuitive technology.

Through harnessing technology, Pacific youth can connect to bright minds around the world and access first-class resources to achieve incredible education and career goals, he adds.

“Never before has information been so accessible to young people, allowing them to pave pathways to greatness, beyond what they may first have considered barriers.

“Not only can tech provide access to information but it can also serve as a platform for youth to share their stories of success to inspire others.”

Jamie is excited about being a part of the Pacific Wave – Samoa, the first to be held in the region.

“The conference last year was an incredible opportunity to connect with game-changing entrepreneurs, leaders in tech and globally-minded Pacific youth.

“I am looking forward to gathering with people who are determined to make a positive global impact.”

Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) in collaboration with NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and with the support of the Samoan Government and Samoa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will host the Pacific Wave – Samoa 2017 at Sheraton Aggie Greys Hotel.

Held during the same week as the 48th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting, the free forum is aiming to attract regional leaders and representatives, as well as entrepreneurs from all around the Pacific.

The ultimate goal of the Pacific Wave is to unleash technology to enable new capabilities, skills, careers, and lifestyles within the Pacific to drive prosperity for the livelihoods and wellbeing of people.

It will focus on areas such as youth entrepreneurship; growing and managing your own business; innovative ideas using technology; and providing an iwi perspective on business, and exploring possibilities to collaborate.

See the full programme HERE.

Visit Crimson Education for more information about Jamie Beaton and what he does.