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Te Rerenga Manu 2017

News 17 Aug 2017

Te Rerenga Manu is like the sounding of the conch shell – and the call to those who want to raise the social and economic outcomes of South Auckland has been made.

Held over two days (August 31 to September 1) at Papatoetoe Seventh Day Adventist Church, and organised by the Emerging Pasifika Leaders Steering Group, Te Rerenga Manu will bring together social, business, health and educational innovators, who will lead the way in unleashing the entrepreneurial Pacific spirit.

The Emerging Pasifika Leaders Steering Group first came together in response to a call by Fa’anana Efeso Collins (then Chair of the Otara Papatoetoe Local Board), who wanted to work with emerging leaders living or working in South Auckland.

Conference Convenor and organising committee member Dickie Humphries says the aim of the initiative is to seriously look at ways to reach our familial and community aspirations.

“We take our families and communities with us so our success is not of our own, and we want to take our future generations with us and pioneer a way forward that achieves the goals of our parents and their reasons for coming to New Zealand in the first place.”

The group members volunteer, and work independently of Auckland Council but have been supported by The Southern Initiative (TSI).

“Te Rerenga Manu refers to the freedom and flight of the bird and the conference is premised on the idea we all have talents, knowledge and gifts that when nurtured, will unleash the potential of people in the south,” Dickie says.

“We see the conference as our way of calling people together to facilitate the change needed to allow the manu to reach full flight.”

The event is striving to attract people who can influence change to set the social, educational and economic conditions to make a real and lasting difference for people in South Auckland.

“It is for people working and living in South Auckland, and we expect students to attend as well who will take the passion of the conference into their schooling to motivate them complete school and make a difference in tertiary education and future work opportunities,” he adds.

Organisers are excited about the event, where they aim to re-set the social conditions and beliefs to ensure people in South Auckland can thrive.

“We would like to see people empowered to share their realities and work on tools to use in workplaces, schools and places of influence the ability for people of South Auckland to succeed, and we want to ensure all organisations are responsive to the needs and aspirations of diverse communities,” he says.

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