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​French Polynesia highlights ties with NZ

News 4 Aug 2017

With similar cultural backgrounds, language roots, and that we are all islanders; French Polynesian companies are seeing many opportunities in New Zealand, and vice versa. In October, the French Polynesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCISM), will host its first trade mission to NZ, to investigate and explore potential business opportunities and activities between NZ and French Polynesia.

International Trade Advisor at CCISM Florian Leclercq says for several months, the French Polynesian and NZ governments have shown they want to establish better relationships with each other.

“This mission would be a perfect answer to this desire,” Florian says.

The Chamber of Commerce, which is based in Papeete, Tahiti with branches in different French Polynesia archipelagos, plans to bring five companies to NZ.

“Three belong to the food processing industry – one produces exquisite tuna canned paté; one produces noni energy drinks; and the last one produces dry fruits and coconut oil (which can also be used as a cosmetic product).

“There will also be a company which produces sportswear - clothes have a great Maohi and Maori cultural perspective and the New Zealand market is clearly a main target for the company,” Florian says.

The last company belongs to cosmetic industry and is producing monoi oil and tamanu oil and is trying to break into the NZ market, a consumer of fine natural and organic products.

A major attraction for both countries to establish investment is the geographical location of the two countries, Florian adds.

“We are close to each other so the freight is easier and cheaper.

“For New Zealand companies, there are numerous opportunities here as well.

“Our cultures are similar, and we like the New Zealand culture and products - we need suppliers in term of mechanical industries and for products used every-day.”

The CCISM President Stéphane Chin Loy, Mike Ah Tchoy the Business Support Department Manager, and Florian will be in Auckland this month to meet with NZ companies and potential business partners, to prepare for the upcoming trade mission.

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