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NZ media transparent and shows accountability

Success Stories 6 Jul 2017

On June 25, three Pacific-based journalism students Joshua Lafoai, Shivika Mala and Linda Filiai arrived in Auckland to take part in the two-week Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) 2017 Media Programme Internship. PCF has asked the three students to produce an article about their time in New Zealand. Tongan student Linda is currently studying at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Suva and she shares her internship experience so far...

By Linda Filiai

The 2017 Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) Media Programme Internship has been great for me to experience how media operate in New Zealand.

I have really enjoyed every media organisation we have visited because they all use different techniques to source stories, and these methods were shared with us.

I was able to see how journalists cover court cases, write their scripts, do piece-to camera work, and edit their stories.

I have learnt a lot from this internship because I have been placed with different teams and I have had the chance to try a variety of tasks and observe how Kiwi journalists work.

I really admire how they cooperate with their colleagues to get their jobs done - every newsroom has its own roster and they follow it.

I have achieved almost everything I wanted to learn during this internship such as audio editing using new software (Burli); how radio teams rewrite stories for radio; using new camera angles; how investigative reporters work on their stories; and much more.

The internship has broadened my experience and it will be very useful when I start work in Tonga next year after graduating from the University of the South Pacific, where I am completing my journalism degree.

During my time in NZ, I have developed a network of professional journalists , which will be very helpful throughout my journalism career.

When we visited Pacific Media Network (PMN) early on in the inetrnship, we went across to Manukau Police Station, and I was impressed with how NZ Police operate in terms of transparency and accountability.

I was assigned to work on a story about an armed robbery at a dairy in New Lynn and I sent an email to the Police Media Team, and within two hours I got a reply and the information I needed to produce my story.

I have sent emails to media officers and news sources in Tonga and Fiji, and it takes ages for them to reply - most of the time there was no reply at all.

The NZ Police cooperate with media to get the message across to the public, and to see if they have any information that can assist with their investigation.Read Linda’s story from her time at NZME HERE.

(Photo caption: Linda Filiai - far left, front – at NZME.)