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Success for former PCF staff member 

Success Stories 9 Jun 2017

Former Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) Project Manager Cathy Bolinga has received her Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia Pacific Regional Programme) from the University of Sydney.

Previously, at the University of Auckland, Cathy did a research study as part of her first Master’s degree, on how NGOs approach development work with vulnerable groups, especially women in Papua New Guinea, Cathy’s home country.

Cathy has a real passion for community development, including both domestic and international community development work, and she has spent some time working in this field.

This work has enabled her to see how development activities serve the needs of the disadvantaged or vulnerable groups like women and youths.

For her most recent qualification, she decided to look at government policies of major donors in the Pacific and how their policy affected development programmes of women.

I wanted to have in-depth analysis of major donors’ aid policy and how this is played out in Pacific countries where they run their aid programmes,” Cathy says.

Cathy spent five years working at PCF as a Project Manager, which she says gave her insight to various programmes and the type of development sectors which are priority.

“By working with an organisation like PCF, who work and carry out the development and cooperation work in the Pacific, enables one to see how the policy translates into development activities.

“Also it provides the lens to analyse for yourself how development policies are translated to programmes that either benefit or do not benefit certain sectors depending on the policy focus.”

With another qualification under her belt, Cathy says it will allow her to have broader views and analyse the development context to see how development work can benefit all people, including the vulnerable and disadvantaged sectors of the community.