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​Summer Internship applications open longer

News 1 May 2017

Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) has extended the application period for the 2017-2018 Summer Internship and applications are now due on Friday, May 5 (before midnight).

New Zealand Scholars from the Pacific and Timor Leste can apply for the 10-week internship located at various organisations around NZ and now around the region, to enhance their chances of gaining employment on their return home.

PCF’s Programme Development Manager Leaupepe Taala Ralph Elika is currently travelling throughout the region.

One of the purposes for this travel is to secure regional hosts for this coming Summer Internship 2017-2018.

This follows Sevefaiga Manu’s internship at the NZ High Commission in Samoa last summer.

Sevefaiga (pictured) is the first regional intern to be part of this programme, and she has thrived during her time in Samoa at the High Commission.

So far the outcomes have been overwhelmingly positive during Ralph’s travels throughout the Pacific and he says PCF is on the verge of securing a formalised employment pipeline that transitions current scholars selected to be in our Summer Internship initiative.

“They will have a regional internship waiting for them back in their home country with an employer, who is relevant and keen to provide full time employment at the completion of the internship,” Ralph explains.

“PCF is meeting with the various Pacific Chambers of Commerce, regional organisations (such as SPREP, SPC etc), donor funders (EU, UNDP etc) and public/private sector partners.

“These same stakeholders are also interested in direct summer internships for those final year students returning at the end of this year which is fantastic – and this includes post graduate students too.”

With the recent developments around the demand for current and returning scholars, PCF is happy to extend the deadline for applications for this year’s Summer Internship programme to Friday, May 5 (before midnight).

“Please take full advantage of this opportunity because you don’t know what can happen unless you apply, so please do so HERE.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Ralph Elika:

Gabrielle Isaak (MFAT):

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