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Focus on fisheries at Pacific NZ Forum

News 27 Mar 2017

Fisheries is a key driver of the economy for the Pacific, and creating a sustainable and effective fishing industry is crucial for many of the region’s nations to survive and flourish.

On May 15, stakeholders will gather at Pacific NZ Fisheries Forum, at Auckland’s Rydges Hotel.

The one-day forum, hosted by Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) in collaboration with Pacific Islands Tuna Industry Association (PITIA), will allow Maori iwi, NZ and Pacific industry leaders, investors, business owners, governments and their officials to exchange their knowledge, experience and innovations in relation to fisheries.

Delegates will be exposed to a range of knowledgeable and influential key-note speakers from the industry, including Ambassador for Pacific Economic Development Matua Shane Jones, who has a long history of involvement in the fisheries sector and NZ’s Maori fisheries settlement.

James Movick, Director General of Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), which strengthens national capacity and regional solidarity so its 17 members can manage, control and develop their tuna fisheries, is also set to present along with the recently appointed PITIA Chairman Frank Wickham. FFA are a sponsor of the Pacific NZ Fisheries Forum.

Iwi will be well represented, and Ngati Whatua Chief Executive Officer and Director, Te Ohu Kaimoana (Maori Fisheries Commission) Rangimarie Hunia talking on issues affecting the industry.

Rangimarie has played an active role as a member of the Iwi Working Group established to facilitate understanding and iwi decision making in response to the 11-year Review of Maori Fisheries Settlement entities.

PCF Board member, and Ngati Kahungunu Chair Ngahiwi Toamoana, who has a strong background in the seafood industry, and who has taken a lead in promoting Maori aquaculture for the wider Maori community and his iwi, will take the stage.

Solander (Pacific) Director Charles Hufflett; Founder and CEO of Alfa Fishing – and Grow Pacific participant Alfred Kalontas; and CEO, Te Ohu Kaimoana Dion Tuuta are also part of the forum programme.

These speakers, among others, will focus on three themes running throughout the forum - iwi shared-learning on fisheries; investment opportunities in fisheries; and market access.

PCF’s CEO Laulu Mac Leauanae says any opportunity to learn from each other about better effectiveness and efficiencies, growing investment opportunities or greater market access will contribute to national priorities for PITIA members from the various Pacific nations engaged for this conference.

“The forum is hoped to achieve several outcomes – and one is linking Pacific businesses directly with iwi represented,” Mac says.

“It is hoped the lessons learned by iwi to manage fisheries will be adapted for the Pacific region, and furthermore, market access opportunities will arise for Pacific industry through these linkages with Maori.”

It is also anticipated the NZ Fisheries investment community including iwi will look to invest in Pacific opportunities and NZ businesses will provide access to new markets for Pacific businesses.

The Pacific NZ Fisheries Forum will be followed by PITIA’s AGM on May 16.

What: Pacific NZ Fisheries Forum, hosted by PCF and PITIA

Where: Rydges Hotel, Federal Street, Auckland

When: May 15, 2017 (8.30am registration)


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(Main picture caption: Matua Shane Jones will speak at the upcoming Pacific NZ Fisheries Forum.)