Pacific Wave Conference - Samoa

8th Sep, 2017

The Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Leaders Meeting will be held in Samoa in September 2017. Such an august gathering would be a good opportunity to demonstrate the importance of technology to progress a country’s journey towards prosperity.

So, Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) in collaboration with New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), supported by the Government of Samoa and the Samoa Chamber of Commerce and Industry is hosting the Pacific Wave – Prosperous Futures through Technology, in Apia on September 8.

The one-day event will focus on how prosperous futures can be achieved for the region’s communities through the use of technology. The ultimate goal of the Pacific Wave is to unleash technology to enable new capabilities, skills, careers, and lifestyles within the Pacific to drive prosperity for the livelihoods and wellbeing of people:

Youth Entrepreneurship: The population of the Pacific is a youthful population (over 50% are under 25). There is a huge risk of mass unemployment for youth in the region that requires urgent attention – technology opens global opportunities that can meet the demands from this youthful population;

Grow & Manage Your Business: Developed countries including NZ enjoy the use of technology for the management of their businesses, the growth opportunities to access new markets via online or social media inter alia. It is also important to glean understanding from top business entrepreneurs and how they leverage technology to successfully manage and grow their business;

Innovative ideas using technology: innovation discussions for the Pacific region. How can co-design and innovation strategies support economic development and growth through technology in the Pacific? Join us as we brainstorm and review successful case studies of innovation.

An Iwi Perspective: So much of Maori culture and custom resonates with the Pacific Islands because of our shared origins. What lessons have our relatives from Aotearoa NZ learnt from their investment in innovation and technology for the advancement of their businesses and communities and what opportunities are there for partnership and collaboration?

The Pacific Wave 2017 hopes to generate opportunities to explore the future of technology in the region – bringing together regional businesses, youth from the region, government ministries from the region, business councils and chambers of commerce, and individuals with an interest in the Pacific to thrash out the ideas and concepts that can be progressed to generate real economic growth opportunities in the Pacific.

There is no conference fee for attending the conference, but those wishing to attend need to register. Email your name, country of origin, company, and contact details to info@pcf.org.nz or sabrina@pcf.org.nz – and a reminder that attendees will also responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

Click HERE to see the programme.

Address: Sheraton Aggie Greys Hotel, Apia