Pacific-New Zealand Fisheries Forum

15th May, 2017 8.30am registration

The Pacific NZ Fisheries Forum will bring together Iwi, NZ and Pacific industry leaders, investors, business owners, governments and their officials to exchange knowledge, experiences and innovations in relation to fisheries. The three central themes of the Forum will be:

  • Iwi shared learning on Fisheries – Maori are connected to their Pacific whanau and there are lessons that both indigenous people can learn from each other;
  • Investment Opportunities in Fisheries – Investors will be exposed to the opportunities in the Pacific;
  • Market Access – Iwi and Business leaders may see opportunities to partner and supply existing or new markets together.

The Forum is a great opportunity to hear from the leaders in the fisheries industry. To book, visit ITICKET

View our updated programme HERE.

Address: Rydges Hotel, Federal Street, Auckland