Regional Leadership, Collaboration & Connections

PCF represents New Zealand as a Private Sector leader within the region, in particular through proactive engagement in the Private Sector dialogue. Collaborative relationships and connections are fostered with all stakeholders in the region.

An underlying principle of PCF is to maintain close coordination, collaboration and connections with the range of agencies involved in Pacific issues in Auckland, in particular the the MFAT Auckland Office, NZT&E, NZ Business Councils, Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Pacific Trade & Invest (PT&I).

PCF maintains a broad network of business connections in the Pacific region both directly with individual export businesses but also with cluster organisations such as local chambers of commerce and regional sector bodies. These include:

  • The Secretariat of the Pacific Community
  • The Pacific Island Forum Secretariat (& Pacific Trade & Invest)
  • The Pacific Island Private Sector Organisation
  • The National Private Sector Organisations
  • The Pacific Island Tuna Industry Association
  • Amongst others

PCF also has strategic relationships with donors within the region:

  • The European Union
  • The World Bank
  • United National Development Programme

Greater collaboration with stakeholders and donors will enable better connection and collaboration between public and private sectors.