PCF Media Programme


The Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) works to promote greater understanding of effective business and trade through promotion of economic and development cooperation within the region. The Pacific Engagement Strategy is designed to foster and enhance this understanding by implementing various projects and programmes that will contribute to the positive perception of investing and doing business in the Pacific region. One of these key projects is the Media Programme.

What is the Media Programme?

The Media Programme focusses on improving the level and quality of media exposure in the Pacific, especially on business and trade issues in the region. The Media Programme will provide an opportunity at two different levels.

Firstly for professional New Zealand-based journalists who are looking for an opportunity to cover an intriguing issue in the Pacific or additional funding for an existing project they have that aligns with the objectives of this programme.

Secondly for aspiring graduate journalists from NZ and the Pacific. Graduate students from New Zealand will have a unique opportunity to intern with a regional news organisation in the Pacific. Likewise, Graduate students from the Pacific Islands will have the same opportunity in New Zealand. The Media Programme will therefore create greater awareness and foster better understanding of regional issues across a wider spectrum of individuals.

Who can apply?

The Media Programme has been specifically developed for three different recipients.

1) Professional Journalists: This application is directed at working journalists who are already associated with an established media organisation in New Zealand.

2) NZ Graduate students: This application is for journalism/media students who are currently in their final year of tertiary education in New Zealand.

3) Pacific Island Graduate students: This application is for journalism/media students who are currently in their final year of tertiary education in the Pacific.

If you are interested in applying please download the application below and email it to the Programme Manager Cathy Bolinga on cathy@pcf.org.nz

The application has been designed so that you can complete it on Microsoft or Mac Word. If you have any questions please let us know.

Application For Professional Journalists