Pacific Island Food Revolution named a top innovator


Pacific Island Food Revolution (PIFR) has been named by USAID Global Development Lab in Washington DC as one of 11 top innovators in a global search by LAUNCH Food.

Of the almost 300 submissions from innovators in 74 countries, PIFR won a coveted place and is the only innovation selected from the South Pacific.

PIFR is an 18-month old collaboration by internationally renowned New Zealand television chef and author, Robert Oliver (pictured), and Elizabeth Powell, a Fijian private and public sector development strategist and implementer.

It is a television-led health education initiative tailored to audiences in the Pacific Island including multimedia and cross-sectoral wellness campaigns.

PIFR specifically focuses on halting and ultimately reversing the growth of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in the region.

Through a whole-of-society disruption in mind-sets, PIFR will drive the return to organic traditional food choices as a critically urgent health solution and as a spiritual reclaiming of regional identity through food.

The PIFR team continues discussions with leading members of governments, NGOs and other wellness stakeholders.

With the other 10 selected innovators, PIFR will present their solution to members of the LAUNCH network at the LAUNCH Food Forum in San Francisco in March.

In the past seven years, a total of 77 innovators have been selected in LAUNCH’s challenges and have attracted some US$94 million in funding.

LAUNCH Food is a partnership between LAUNCH (a network-driven innovation platform that includes US Agency for International Development, NASA, the Department of State, and NIKE) and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

In late 2016 LAUNCH Food initiated a global call for innovators, entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs with the potential to elevate healthier choices, broaden access to nutritious food, and ultimately improve health outcomes through food.