Pacific Engagement

Shifting Perceptions

The Pacific Engagement Programme aims to change the perceptions of New Zealanders about the Pacific, in particular products and services from the region.

The PCF Media Programme provides funding to enhance media exposure in the Pacific region, by offering NZ journalists the chance to travel to the Pacific to research and prepare stories i.e. newspaper articles, radio, website / blogging that focuses on business and trade issues in the Pacific.

The Leadership Programme is centred on the development of the following:

  • PCF Alumni for NZ Aid Scholarship recipients – PCF will work in partnership with the MFAT Scholarship Programme to create a thriving alumni that supports ‘in-country’ recipients.
  • PCF Internship Programme – PCF will work with Pacific based students to intern at PCF and also NZ based students to work with PCF on its projects. There will also be a summer intern based at PCF.

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