Brother (NZ) contribution to the Pacific Cooperation Foundation

Brother New Zealand Limited (Brother NZ) is a longstanding advocate of Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) and the work it does in the Pacific region.

It has been a private sector partner providing financial support and the promotion of PCF’s work throughout the region since PCF’s establishment in 2003.

Brother NZ’s Chief Executive Chairman Graham Walshe, who first joined the company in 1981 as Marketing Manager and has been in his current role for over two decades, deepened his association with PCF in 2008 when he was appointed Deputy Chairman of its Board.

He remained in the rewarding role for six years before stepping down in 2014.

Under his leadership, Brother NZ has worked on various projects in the Pacific region together with PCF including the establishment of the True Pacific brand, funding cooperative exploratory missions to the Cook Islands and more recently, a Zea mays Feasibility Trial, a food security and import substitution initiative in Tonga.

Graham’s passion for PCF and for helping shift perception and create business opportunities in the Pacific is obvious, and PCF hopes its enduring partnership with Brother NZ continues as they look at future projects to help Pacific people to create sustainable and prosperous communities.

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